Best Prop Trading Firms In Switzerland For Direct Funding

The best prop trading firms in Switzerland create unique opportunities to offer direct funding. Swiss prop firms allow seasoned traders to leverage institutional-level resources for career growth. Of course, these prop trading companies demand consistency, rigorous risk management, and a disciplined approach to offer direct funded accounts.

As a seasoned Swiss trader yourself, sign up for prop firm funding programs and implement advanced strategies for your financial success. With these directly funded accounts, you may engage in futures, forex, or other financial instruments – while earning a competitive profit share.

As one of the biggest prop firms in the world, Funding Traders offers multiple prop trading job opportunities for Switzerland-based traders. Sign up for a funding account and leverage:

  • Institutional-Level Prop Firm Capital
  • Multi-Instrument Support
  • No-Commission Challenge Accounts
  • Support For Swing/Scalping/EA Trading
  • Rapid 7-Day Payouts

Read on to learn how prop trading firms in Switzerland offer direct funding opportunities.

Support Institutional-Level Account Sizes

Prop trading firms in Switzerland offer direct funding through institutional-level account sizes. Swiss prop trading companies offer up to $2 million funded accounts along with a higher leverage. The substantial prop firm capital opens new market opportunities to Swiss traders. Notably, you can utilize the directly funded account to hold larger positions – without the pressure of limited finances.

Funding Traders supports institutional-level forex funding programs and accounts to support different trading styles, strategies, and goals. Choose a funded account size to maximize your market opportunities:

  • Mini ($10,000)
  • Starter ($25,000)
  • Basic ($50,000)
  • Advanced ($100,000)
  • Superior ($200,000)

>> Get a funded account and avoid overleveraging positions to maximize your earnings. In addition, skilled traders can also sign up for Elite and Apex accounts to secure institutional-level capital of up to $2 million.

With access to an institutional-level funded account, you can easily diversify your strategies to trade bigger. Certainly, Swiss prop trading firms provide institutional-level account sizes to offer direct funding.

Share A Higher Trading Leverage

In addition, prop trading firms in Switzerland support higher trading leverage on directly funded accounts. A few Swiss financial institutes may offer leverage based on your selected account size. Meanwhile, global prop trading companies support higher competitive leverage – depending on the financial asset itself. In fact, Swiss traders can utilize a maximum of 1:100 leverage for 10K, 25K, and even 100K funded trading accounts. In addition, Funding Traders provides a competitive leverage on other instruments, including:

  • Forex: 1:100
  • Indices/Gold: Up to 1:50
  • Crypto: Up to 1:5

>> With increased leverage, Swiss scalpers and day traders can capitalize on intraday price movements – through their funded trading account.

Keep in mind, the higher leverage also exposes directly funded accounts to higher risks. Always manage your risk per trade on a high-leverage account to maximize your profit potential. Definitely, take advantage of a higher trading leverage at the best Swiss prop firm offering direct funding.

Provide No-Time Limit Evaluations

The best prop trading firms in Switzerland provide no-time limit evaluations to offer direct funding. To earn a funded account, Swiss traders are required to pass the prop firm challenge. Top-rated prop firms in Switzerland provide trader’s the freedom to implement strategies – without the burden of strict timelines. Trade at your own pace to complete the prop firm evaluation targets.

With straightforward 1-step and 2-step evaluations, Funding Traders provides a simple, transparent, and favorable onboarding experience for all Swiss traders:

  • Profit Target (1-step challenge): 10%
  • Profit Target (2-step Phase-1): 10%
  • Profit Target (2-step Phase-2): 5%
  • Maximum Drawdown (1-step challenge): 5%
  • Maximum Drawdown (2-step challenge): 10%
  • Daily Drawdown (1-step challenge): 4%
  • Daily Drawdown (2-step challenge): 5%

>> With no time limit restrictions, you can complete the evaluation in one day, a week, or even a month.

Once the evaluation is completed, receive your directly funded account to earn a higher profit split. Indeed, apply for no-time limit evaluations with prop trading in Switzerland for a directly funded account.

Reward Traders With Competitive Scaling Plans

After providing direct funding, prop trading firms in Switzerland also reward traders with competitive scaling plans. Swiss prop firms increase your initial account balance – after you achieve consistent profit targets.

Of course, you are required to meet consistent profit targets to scale up to the next funded account. Funding Traders supports competitive scaling plans with a maximum capital allocation of $2 million. Even Swiss traders with an initial balance of $10,000 are eligible to scale up to Elite-funded accounts.

Receive a direct scaled-up funded account by achieving the following profit targets:

  • Trade consistently for three consecutive months
  • Achieve a total 10% profit in three months
  • Stay profitable for at least two months

Indeed, leverage competitive scaling plans with Swiss prop trading companies for direct forex funding.

Share Competitive Profit Splits

The best direct trading Swiss prop firms offer competitive profit splits. Once funded, you can transition from a challenge account to a live market – with real profits. Ultimately, these competitive profit splits affect your overall earnings. To maintain a positive environment, Swiss prop firms like Funding Traders share a rewarding 80% default profit split.

>> In addition, traders are also eligible for exclusive add-ons to receive up to 100% profit on their direct funded account.

These rewarding profit splits also motivate skilled traders to consistently meet their trading goals. Certainly, keep a competitive profit split with the best direct funding prop trading firms in Switzerland.

The best prop trading firms in Switzerland offer unique opportunities for direct funding. These reliable prop trading companies support institutional-level capital of up to $2 million capital. In addition, Swiss traders can leverage a higher 1:100 forex leverage to take advantage of their directly funded accounts. To qualify for direct funding, you can utilize no-time limit evaluations. Once funded, take advantage of scaling opportunities to scale your directly funded account up to $2 million. Plus, you are eligible for a default 80% profit split – with unique opportunities to keep up to 100% of the earnings.

Ready to receive direct forex funding? Click here to start trading with the best prop trading firm in Switzerland.

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