How To Get A $100K Funded Forex Account With A Prop Firm 

There are many opportunities to get a 100K funded forex account with a prop firm. Trading with proprietary firms offers access to significantly more capital than most people have available.

Here at Funding Traders, we offer funded accounts ranging from:

  • $5K Funded Account
  • $10K Funded Account
  • $25K Funded Account
  • $50K Funded Account
  • $100K Funded Account
  • $500K Funded Account
  • Up to $2M Funded Accounts

Compared to a personally funded account, the $100K funded account can take advantage of unique market opportunities with higher profit returns. Professional traders secure instant funding for forex trading so they are not limited by their own capital. Plus, you’ll gain access to advanced forex trading support, experts, and tools.

Keep reading to learn how to get a $100K funded forex account.

Get Started With Forex Trading 

First, get started with trading forex before getting a $100K funded account. Prop firms want to work with traders who have an edge, or strategy that is already profitable. While getting started, you should focus on what forex trading style works best for you. For example, many successful traders use the following:

  • Day trading
  • Intra-day trading
  • Scalping
  • News trading
  • EA trading

Additionally, take the time to learn which instruments or specific currency pairs you prefer to trade with. Open a prop trading account to start with simulated or demo trading until you are profitable. By developing a strategy that works, you can avoid blowing up your challenge account.

Even with very little capital, you can get started forex trading and then partner with a prop firm that will give you a $100K account.

Set Realistic Goals For A $100K Account 

Next, set realistic goals to get a $100K forex-funded account. Trading forex markets requires taking on significant risks influenced by volatility, macroeconomic, and institutional factors. Your goals should be achievable for your account size.

Set your trading goals based on:

  • Profit target
  • Daily drawdown
  • Max drawdown
  • Trading days

For example, if your goal is to earn 4% per month, just earning 1% on a $100,000 funded account yields $1,000 per week. Even with a very strong trading skill set, you may not earn $1,000 each week. Most likely, you may profit more in some weeks and significantly less in others. When planning for a $100K forex account, set goals that match your trading strategy and account size.

Complete A $100K Funded Account Challenge

To get a $100K funded account, pass a prop firm challenge. The best $100K prop firms offer multi-phase processes. At Funding Traders, we have 1 Phase and 2 Phase challenges. The requirements of each phase include:

1-Step $100K Evaluation

  • Phase 1: 10% Target
  • 4% Daily Drawdown
  • 5% Overall Drawdown (Trailing on highest balance)
  • 7-14 Day Withdrawals

2-Step $100K Evaluation

  • Phase 1: 10% Target
  • Phase 2: 5% Target
  • 5% Daily Drawdown
  • 10% Overall Drawdown (static on balance)
  • Drawdown reset end of day

To get access to $100K in prop funding, you will have to pass the evaluation in your challenge account. In one-step challenges, you must profit 10% without going below 5% of your highest balance. For the two-step challenge, you must profit 10% without going below 10% of the account size.

Once you pass the challenge, you’ll become a $100K funded trader and earn up to 100% of the profits you earn.

Stay Consistent After Passing The Challenge

After passing a $100K forex challenge, stay consistent with your trading strategy. Trading forex in a challenge account and a live account may have some psychological differences. Trading larger amounts can add pressure and emotional responses to your execution.

Here are some key emotions to watch out for while trading with a 100K account:

  • Fear of losing trades
  • Greed for winning trades
  • Avoiding taking trades
  • Overconfidence after wins
  • Revenge trading on anger

In order to manage the wins and losses in a live account, stick to your strategy, and risk management practices and continue to build on profits. For some traders, they might stick to currency pairs and instruments that worked previously. Or, you can adjust your trade sizes to lower the risk to the funded account.

Stay consistent with your prop firm trading plan after receiving a $100K funded account.

Scale Your Capital

After getting a live 100K forex-funded account, traders are eligible to scale their capital. With the Funding Traders scaling plan, you can potentially double your account size, leverage large positions, and achieve the projected financial freedom.

When you scale the 100k funded account, you get to trade bigger and withdraw higher profits – up to 100%.

At Funding Traders, you can increase the allocated funds by 25% every three months. Additionally, meet these conditions to scale your funded account to $100K+.

  • Achieve trading milestones within three consecutive months
  • Stay profitable with a total profit of 10% on $100k account
  • Generate consistent profits for at least two months

When you meet these conditions, your funded account can be increased to $125,000 in three months. Consistently profitable and highly competent traders are even eligible to scale their accounts up to $2 million. Demonstrate consistent trading skills to scale your funded forex account to $100k+.

Traders must follow multiple key steps to get a 100k funded forex account. First, get started with forex trading and develop a style that yields profits. Next, you should set realistic trading goals to navigate the volatile forex market.

Before allocating a capital of 100k, best prop firms in USA require traders to complete one-step or two-step evaluations. Even when you get funded, your prop firm will still regularly monitor your performance. Deploy strong trading strategies to yield consistent profits after completing the trading challenges. When you achieve consistent milestones, you will become eligible to scale your account beyond 100k – up to $2 million.

Click here to get a 100k-funded forex account to start your trading journey.

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