The Best 1-Step Challenge Prop Firms For Forex Funding


The best 1-step challenge prop firms offer unique opportunities for forex funding. One-step challenges have emerged as a popular evaluation model for industry-leading forex prop firms. Compared to traditional two-step evaluations, these challenges only require traders to pass a single assessment for forex funding. The simplified evaluation allows traders to demonstrate their skills, leverage the latest forex opportunities, and trade bigger.

As a profitable forex trader, complete one-step prop firm challenges to get a funded account in a single phase. Funding Traders offers a streamlined one-step evaluation process for seamless, transparent, and fast onboarding. Plus, our unique one-step forex funding model offers:

  • Zero commissions on challenge accounts
  • Unlimited trading days
  • Weekend/overnight holding
  • Support for news trading
  • Up to 1:100 FX leverage

Keep reading to learn how the best 1-step challenge prop firms offer forex funding.

Offer Multiple 1-Step Challenge Account Options

The best 1-step challenge prop firms offer multiple account sizes and options to forex traders. Typically, 1-step challenge account sizes range from $10,000 to $500,000. A few global prop firms offer up to $2M 1-step forex funding with premium pro, elite, and apex plans. Proprietary firms tailor these account sizes to cater to unique trading styles and goals.

With 9 different funded account options, Funding Traders accommodates a variety of trading models, strategies, and financial goals. Before registering for a 1-step challenge, choose an account size:

  • $10K funded account
  • $25K funded account
  • $50K funded account
  • $100K funded account
  • $200K funded account
  • $300K funded account
  • $500K funded account

Our unique account options eliminate the complexities of multi-stage forex funding. You can select an account size best suited to your risk tolerance, experience, and trading abilities. Indeed, search for one-step evaluation prop firms with multiple funding account sizes for forex.

Set Realistic Profit Targets For 1-Step Funding

Find a 1-step challenge prop firm with realistic profit targets for forex funding. To complete a one-step evaluation, you need to meet specific profit target requirements. Challenge rules require you to meet these profit targets – without breaching daily and maximum drawdown limits.

Funding Traders requires a 10% profit target on 1-step funded accounts. To successfully complete the challenge, achieve a realistic profit target along with:

  • 4% Daily Drawdown
  • 5% Maximum Drawdown (Trailing)
  • 2% Maximum loss per trade

>> There are no minimum trading days – giving you plenty of time to complete the 1-step evaluation.

Definitely, search for legitimate forex prop firms with realistic profit targets on one-step funded accounts.

Provide Resources To Complete The Challenge

The best forex prop firms offer multiple resources to successfully complete 1-step funding challenges. Top-rated prop trading firms heavily invest in training resources, support, and infrastructure. These resources help traders navigate the complexities of forex markets – while gaining the necessary skills to complete a one-step evaluation. Plus, you learn to execute well-calculated trades that ensure long-term success.

With mentoring, comprehensive training, and ongoing support, Funding Traders fosters a growing environment to help improve your decision-making. Plus, you can leverage expertise and strong risk management skills to complete the 1-step funding challenge.

Join Funding Traders growing communities for the latest educational resources, market insights, and support from experienced traders.

Indeed, access prop firm educational resources to complete your 1-step challenge and secure a forex-funded account.

Offer Capital Scaling Options

After completing the 1-step prop firm challenge, scale your funded account with increased capital. Traders who consistently meet profit targets can scale up their forex-funded accounts. In fact, you can scale up to $2 million in funded capital – unlocking the potential to trade bigger. The best prop firms evaluate your performance, profitability, and risk tolerance before scaling the capital.

At Funding Traders, we scale your funded account by 25% every three months. Whether you’re a seasoned or new trader, this rewarding forex prop firm scaling plan is sure to take your trading journey and profits to new heights.

Once you’ve successfully completed the 1-step evaluation, meet these milestones to scale your funded accounts:

  • Achieve a total 10% profit in three consecutive months
  • Stay profitable for at least two consecutive months
  • Maintain the daily and overall draw-down limits

Definitely, search for a 1-step challenge for forex prop firms that scale funded accounts with increased capital.

Reward Traders With A Competitive Profit Split

The best 1-step challenge prop firms reward forex traders with a competitive profit split. Typically, profit-sharing arrangements for one-step evaluations range between 50% to 80% in your favor. Compared to two-step funding, some prop firms offer a lower profit split for one-phase evaluations.

With a default 80% profit split, Funding Traders rewards you with competitive incentives for every trade on one-step funded accounts.

>> Take advantage of our exclusive add-ons and maximize your earnings with up to 100% profit splits.

Indeed, complete the one-step prop firm evaluation for a competitive profit split.

The best one-step challenge prop firms create unique opportunities for forex funding. To get funded, select from the available account sizes – offering capital up to $500K. Then, achieve the realistic 10% profit target – while maintaining the drawdown limits.

The best forex prop firms also offer comprehensive educational resources to help traders successfully complete the evaluation. Once completed, traders are eligible to scale their capital with a funding capital of up to $2M. Plus, prop firms reward traders with a competitive 100% profit split.

Ready to secure forex funding? Click here to join the best 1-step challenge prop firm.

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