Best Prop Firms In Dubai For UAE-Based FX Traders

The best prop firms in Dubai offer unique growth opportunities for UAE-based FX Traders. Dubai is a popular hub for industry-leading prop firms – accepting UAE-based and global traders. These prop trading companies allow experienced FX traders to capitalize on international market opportunities.

As a UAE-based FX trader, search for a legitimate prop trading firm in Dubai to leverage institutional-level capital, educational resources, and competitive trading conditions. Headquartered in Dubai and one of the biggest prop trading firms, Funding Traders accepts aspiring traders from all seven Emirates – while supporting:

  • News/Copy/EA Trading
  • Weekend/Overnight Holding
  • Weekly Payouts
  • Maximum Capital Allocation Up To $2 million

Read on to learn more about the best UAE-based forex prop trading firms in Dubai.

Offer Competitive Funded Account Sizes

Get access to competitive offers on funded account sizes at the best prop firms in Dubai for UAE-based FX traders. Grow your account by upscaling your skills when it comes to trading. Funded accounts can raise up to millions as long as you keep earning profit and earn a consistent profit. Funding Traders supports varying account sizes – starting from $10,000. Choose your preferred capital size to trade with a competitive forex funding programs, including:

  • Mini ($10,000)
  • Starter ($25,000)
  • Basic ($50,000)
  • Advanced ($100,000)
  • Superior ($200,000)

>> For Elite UAE-based traders with years of experience, the funded account sizes also go up to $2 million.

Of course, beginners should consider starting with smaller account sizes to get familiar with forex markets – without risking higher prop firm capital. Certainly, the best prop firm trading firms in Dubai offer competitively funded account sizes for you.

Support Favorable Prop Firm Evaluations

The best prop trading firms in Dubai also provide favorable evaluation programs for UAE-based FX traders. These prop firm evaluations are structured for varying experience levels. For instance, beginner traders in Dubai can start with smaller $5,000 two-step evaluations.

These 2-step challenge accounts require an additional verification stage – ideal for beginners looking to achieve consistency. Meanwhile, experienced traders can choose 1-step challenge prop firm programs to speed up the evaluation phase and get funded. Of course, meeting these favorable milestones improves your risk management, refine strategies, and increase profit potential.

Funding Traders supports favorable 1-step and 2-step prop firm evaluations with realistic profit targets, drawdown limits, and stop-loss requirements.

1-Step Evaluation

  • Profit Target: 10%
  • Daily Drawdown: 4%
  • Maximum Drawdown: 5%
  • No-Time-Limits

2-Step Evaluation

  • Profit Target (Phase 1): 10%
  • Profit Target (Phase 2): 5%
  • Daily Drawdown: 5%
  • Maximum Drawdown: 10%

>> To create a more favorable environment for everyone, Funding Traders charges zero commission on all challenge accounts.

Indeed, leverage favorable evaluations at the best UAE-based prop trading firms in Dubai.

Accept Multi-Instrument UAE Traders

In addition, prop trading firms in Dubai accept multi-instrument UAE traders. Many local prop firms in Dubai only support either future or forex traders. Meanwhile, global prop trading companies also focus on other financial markets. In addition to forex pairs, you can deploy multi-instrument trading strategies to earn bigger. At Funding Traders, you can leverage a wide variety of assets to diversify your portfolio, including:

  • FX (Forex)
  • Crypto (Cryptocurrencies)
  • Indices
  • Metals

With a multi-instrument Dubai-based prop firm, you can easily focus on financial markets best aligned with your trading strategies. These competitive arrangements allow you to capitalize on the latest trends in different financial markets. Of course, you should clearly understand the trading conditions and offered leverage on each instrument beforehand. Definitely, search for Dubai-based prop trading firms that accept multi-instrument UAE traders.

Support A Global FX Trading Community

Join the best prop trading firms in Dubai that support a global FX trading community. Beyond favorable trading conditions, Dubai prop firms support an actively growing community across different platforms – including Discord, Reddit, and Telegram. With these online communities, you can acquire new ideas, develop trading strategies, and connect with global experienced FX traders.

With 32,000+ active Discord members, Funding Traders fosters a growing environment for aspiring UAE-based traders. Join Funding Traders online and acquire:

  • Access to weekly webinars from ex-Wall Street trader CEO
  • Knowledge about fundamentals of FX trading for beginners
  • Mentorship from experienced, profitable, and skilled international traders

>> In addition, you can read informative FX-related articles on FT’s Blog to acquire the latest trading knowledge.

Utilize these collaborative communities to share news, knowledge, and latest trading insights. Definitely, legitimate UAE-based prop firms in Dubai support a global FX trading community.

Share Rewarding 100% Profit Split

The best prop trading firms in Dubai reward UAE traders with a competitive up to 100% profit split. While trading in the UAE, many skilled traders only receive a smaller 50% profit split. Some prop firms may increase the profit split up to 60-70% – still limiting your ability to maximize your earnings. Global prop firms in Dubai like Funding Traders offer a defauly 80% profit. Since the prop firm only keeps 20% profit, you get unlimited opportunities to generate a significant return on each trade.

>> Talented FX traders can also choose exclusive add-ons to keep up to 100% of the earned profit.

Indeed, leverage a competitive 100% profit split with a reliable prop trading company in Dubai.

The best prop trading firms in Dubai create unlimited opportunities for skilled UAE-based FX traders. First, these prop firms offer competitive account sizes to offer institutional-level capital. With favorable evaluation conditions, these prop trading firms support all types of trading styles, experiences, and strategies.

In addition to forex pairs, UAE prop firms also accept multi-instrument traders looking to earn profits in different financial markets. With a global FX trading community, you can continue to grow your skills, learn new strategies, and make informed trading decisions. Finally, Dubai-based prop firms share a competitive up to 100% profit split – maximizing your earning potential.

Ready to start your journey with the best UAE prop firm in Dubai? Click here to open a challenge account.

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