Trading With The Best Prop Firms In The USA


Start trading with the best prop firms in the USA. The United States is home to the most reputable, trusted, and popular forex prop firms. The USA’s best proprietary funding firms provide the capital, resources, and autonomy to traders with high-profit potential.

They’re looking to fund experienced traders that know how to manage risk and make money in the forex market. If that’s you, start your funded trading journey with the best forex prop firms. This way, you can get the most value from your time and trading skills. Keep reading to learn about trading with the best prop firms in the USA.

Comprehensive Funding Evaluations

When you’re trading with the best prop firms in the USA, you should look for comprehensive funding evaluations. Before you get funded, you need to prove your forex-trading, profit-earning, and risk-managing abilities. Our prop firm evaluations put your trading to the test. Here’s how it works with Funding Traders:

  1. Choose Any Account Size (Ranging From $5k To $2M)
  2. Select A 1-Step Or 2-Step Challenge
  3. Pay The Evaluation Fee (As Low As $50!)
  4. Achieve A 10% Profit Target
  5. Avoid Going Below 5-10% Of Account Size
  6. Complete The Objectives (While Following Trading Rules & Guidelines)

During the comprehensive challenge phase, there’s unlimited trading periods, zero commissions, and weekend/overnight holding allowed. Plus, there’s only 1 required minimum trading day on accounts up to $200k. After you pass, partner with us and start earning as a sponsored funded trader. Your evaluation fee gets refunded too! Certainly, you should expect comprehensive funding evaluations when trading with the best prop firms in America.

Competitive Profit Split Ratios

The best prop trading firms in the United States are known for competitive profit split ratios. Across the prop funding industry, the standard profit share is typically 50-50. Other firms may extend a slightly more favorable 65% or 75% share.

> The profit split directly impacts your total earnings and trading trajectory.

Here at Funding Traders, however, we’re committed to rewarding your skills, dedication, and expertise. Trading with us, 80% is the default profit allocation. Additionally, we give you the option to upgrade to an impressive 100% profit split – maximizing earnings and celebrating your success. There’s no other forex prop firm that offers a 100% profit split like us.

Before you start trading with the best prop firms in the United States – review the profit split ratio.

Rewarding Capital Scaling Options

When you’re trading with the best prop firms in America, you’ll get access to rewarding capital scaling options. Scaling your trading account enables you to significantly reduce cost-per-trade – maximizing profits and lowering associated risk. Additionally, consistent account scaling showcases your ability to make money while managing larger positions.

With Funding Traders, you can scale your forex account up to $2M. Here’s how our capital scaling plan works:

  1. Remain Profitable For 2/3 Consecutive Months
  2. Achieve 10% Profit Target On Initial Account Balance
  3. Complete Milestones Within A Continuous Period
  4. Scale Your Account By 25% Every Quarter (Based On Initial Size)

As you scale your trading operations, evaluate your current strategies, implement new risk management controls, and explore new foreign currency pairs. You’re also encouraged to optimize your trading infrastructure,  work on new platforms, and address any challenges early-on. Indeed, a key factor when trading with the best prop firms in the USA is the capital scaling options.

Diverse Trading Strategies Accepted

Employ a diverse range of trading strategies with the best USA prop firm in forex. Our wide variety of accepted strategies, techniques, and tools has made us a preferred choice for profitable forex traders across the United States. With Funding Traders, you’re welcome to embrace the trading methods that suit your personal goals and risk tolerance, including:

  • Expert Advisor (EA) Trading
  • Technical & Fundamental Analysis
  • News Trading
  • Scalping Strategies
  • Day Trading Models
  • Trend Trading

> Strategies that use any concept related to arbitrage or martingale system trading are not allowed. These strategies are associated with sharp drawdowns, human error, and inherit risks. Instead, we aim to allocate capital to traders that employ sustainable and longevity-oriented forex strategies.

Providers that accept a diverse range of strategies stand out as the best prop trading firms in the United States.

Dedicated Community Of Expert Forex Traders

Gain insights from a dedicated community of experts when you trade with the best forex prop firms in the US. Our knowledgeable community is here to support your journey to prop funded trading success. Funding Traders places a strong emphasis on support, education, constant improvement, and mentoring. Leverage our expert community to refine your skills, explore new strategies, and support informed-decision making.

> Join Funding Traders On Discord
> Join Funding Traders On Telegram

Whether you are looking to hone-in on your skills or share your knowledge with others, our community offers the ultimate environment. Take advantage of everything we have to offer. Communicate with our discord community, expert trading team, and the once-in-a-while chat with our CEO Stan – who has worked in Wall Street for over 20 years.

We’re committed to giving you the best opportunities and chances for long-term success in the forex market. Definitely, leverage the expertise of a dedicated community with the best forex trading firm in America.

Accelerate your forex trading journey with the best prop firms in the USA. Select a prop firm that offers comprehensive funding evaluations, manageable performance metrics, and competitive profit split ratios. The firm should also feature rewarding capital scaling options and support a diverse range of trading strategies. Ready to get started? Click here to start trading with the best prop firms in the United States.

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