How Prop Firms For Retail Traders Provide Increased Leverage

Discover how prop firms provide increased leverage to retail traders. Today, many retail traders operate individually – without the capital access required for high forex profits. Retail prop firms provide the necessary capital resources, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced platforms to profitable traders.

As a retail trader yourself, join a prop firm to increase leverage on large funded accounts. Partner with an industry-leading prop firm like Funding Traders to leverage up to $2M in available trading capital. This way, you can explore new market opportunities, implement different strategies, and constantly scale your funded account. Read on to learn how prop firms for retail traders provide increased leverage.   

Offer Prop Firm Challenge Accounts

Retail prop firms increase leverage for traders with flexible challenge accounts. Before you get access to a live funded account, the best prop firms in the USA require traders to complete a comprehensive evaluation. These funding challenges put your forex trading, risk management, and market analysis skills to the test.

Funding Traders offers challenge accounts ranging from $5k to $200k – as well as pro, elite, and apex plans that reach up to $2M. Avoid losses, remain consistently profitable, and follow the trading rules to complete the challenge:

One-Step Evaluation:

  • 10% Profit Target
  • 4% Maximum Daily Draw-down
  • 5% Maximum Loss
  • Unlimited Trading Period

Two-Step Evaluation:

  • Phase One: 10% Profit Target
  • Phase Two: 5% Profit Target
  • 5% Maximum Daily Draw-down
  • 10% Maximum Loss
  • Unlimited Trading Period

>  Pay a one-time fee (as low as $50) to apply for the challenge phase. Plus, your evaluation fee gets refunded after you pass the evaluation.

Definitely, prop firms help retail traders increase leverage with flexible, no commission challenge accounts.

Provide Scalable Funded Accounts

With industry-leading prop firms, retail traders get increased leverage from scalable funded accounts. Funding Traders is committed to increasing leverage for profitable retail traders with strong performance, risk management tactics, and expert market understanding. Our capital scaling plan is designed to support your growth and reward you with larger allocations. Retail traders must meet these key requirements to qualify for account scaling:

  • Profit 10% On Their Initial Account Balance
  • Remain Profitable For 2/3 Months
  • Achieve Consistent Performance Milestones Within Three Consecutive Months 

Meet these requirements, and you’ll qualify for a 25% increase in account leverage – scaling to a $2M maximum. Absolutely, retail trader prop firms increase leverage opportunities with flexible capital scaling options.

Support Multiple Financial Instruments

The best prop firms for retail traders increase leverage by supporting multiple financial instruments. Multi-instrument retail traders employ diverse strategies to generate profits in their preferred markets. Prop firms that support multi-instrument trading empower you to leverage high-performing financial assets in different markets to generate profits.

At Funding Traders, we empower retail traders to generate profits with a range of financial instruments, including:

  • FX (Forex)
  • Crypto (Cryptocurrencies)
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Metals

With a multi-instrument trading approach, you can place profitable trades in more than a single market and leverage new opportunities. Indeed, choose no commission prop firms for retail traders to get increased leverage for multiple financial instruments.   

Share Up To 100% Profit Split

Retail trading prop firms increase leverage opportunities with up to 100% profit splits. Most prop firms limit leverage with a traditional 70:30 profit split. By default, Funding Traders provides you with an 80% split of the profit – which can be increased to an impressive 90% or 100% with our convenient add-ons.

With increased leverage and a higher share of the profits, you can:

  • Re-Invest Your Earnings
  • Reduce Risk Per Trade
  • Employ New Profitable Trading Strategies
  • Practice Strong Risk Management

With a highly-leveraged account, you can place trades on larger positions and maximize your earnings. Definitely, forex funded accounts for retail traders increase leverage with up to 100% profit splits.

Issue Fast, 7-Day Payouts

Prop funding firms for retail traders increase leverage opportunities with fast, 7-day payouts. Funding Traders empowers you to execute bigger trades and get paid faster. Leverage weekly payouts to re-invest your profits, execute trades with confidence, and regularly receive your earnings. Here’s how our flexible payout system works:

  • Request Payouts On-Demand Through Discord or Email
  • Payouts Issued Within 3 Business Days Of Request
  • Bank Transfer & Crypto Withdrawal Methods Supported

Increase leverage opportunities with fast payout prop firms for retail traders.

Prop firms offer the capital, resources, and tools needed to increase leverage for retail traders. With Funding Traders, we empower retail traders to leverage comprehensive challenges, scalable accounts, and multiple financial instruments. Take advantage of increased leverage to maximize earnings, limit risk, and improve your market performance. Follow the points above to learn how prop firms for retail traders provide increased leverage. Then, click here to get funded and start trading bigger.

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