How No Commission Prop Trading Firms Offer Direct Funding

Explore how no commission prop trading firms offer direct funding. These instant prop funding firms help traders save time and get access to capital immediately. Traders can follow a streamlined approach to pass evaluations without paying commissions. This unique funding procedure allows traders to leverage new market opportunities early on – maximizing earnings and profit splits.

As an experienced trader yourself, no commission prop firms can help secure funds and reach your trading goals. Industry-leading proprietary firms like Funding Traders offer a streamlined process to get direct funding. Pass the initial evaluation and scale your account up to $2 million. Keep reading to learn how no commission prop trading firms offer direct funding.

Require “No Commissions” During Challenge Phases

The best funded trader programs require no commissions during the challenge phase. Many direct funding sources charge commissions before giving access to capital. You may not always favor these charges – especially during the initial evaluation.

At Funding Traders, we offer the “no-commission” feature throughout the challenge phase. As a no-commission prop firm, we utilize cutting-edge broker solutions such as CBT to make the initial evaluation transparent, efficient, and more rewarding.

With no commissions during the challenge phase, you can execute preferred strategies and trade at your own pace. Surely, pass the no commission prop firm challenges to get direct funding.

Provide Fast 1 And 2-Step Funding Evaluations

Next, no-commission prop trading firms offer direct funding through fast 1and 2-step evaluations. Prop firms always require you to pass an initial evaluation. These funding challenges are necessary to evaluate your trading strategies and expertise. To get a funded account, you should successfully meet the requirements of these evaluations – including profit targets and daily draw-downs.

Funding Traders offers both 1 and 2-step funding evaluations. Our challenges are streamlined to meet your specific trading interests, strategies, and risk management adherence. You can additionally choose the initial trading amount between $5,000 to $500,000. Follow these rules to pass the evaluations and secure instant funding:

1-Step Evaluation

  • Maintain 10% Profit
  • 4% Daily Drawdown
  • 5% Overall Drawdown

2-Step Evaluation

  • Maintain 10% Profit Target During Phase 1
  • Maintain 5% Profit Target During Phase 2
  • 5% Daily Draw-down (Static)
  • 10% Overall Draw-down (Static)

Indeed, pass 1 and 2-step funding evaluations to secure direct funding from a no-commission prop firm.

Feature A Scalable Profit Split

The best no-commission prop firms feature scalable profit splits. After securing the direct funding, you are eligible for a profit split. This profit share varies for each trader – primarily depending on the chosen platforms, funded program, and unique trading styles.

Most of the prop firms offer only 60-70% profit to traders – while retaining the remaining 30-40%.
As a leading no-commission prop firm, we share 80% of the profit by default with all traders. But, that is not where we draw the line. You can additionally select the dedicated add-ons and keep up to 100% profit. We also reward our consistently profitable traders with scalability plans – giving the opportunity to secure direct funding for up to $2 million.

Absolutely, top no-commission prop firms provide scalable profit splits and forex trader funding.

Offer Rapid & Seamless Payouts

In addition, no-commission prop firms also offer rapid and seamless payouts. Many prop firms process payouts after 20-30 days. However, prop firms like Funding Traders offer swift payouts – ensuring you receive the withdrawal on time. By default, we process payouts after every 14 days. And, you can also receive the payout only after 7 days with the additional add-ons.

To make the payouts instant and seamless, we offer multiple payment methods, including:

  • Bank Transfer Via Rise (Minimum Payment Amount – $200)
  • Crypto Via Coin-base Commerce (Minimum Payment Amount – $50)

We do not impose any limits on your earning potential. Execute profitable strategies and earn up to $20,000 per month with your funded accounts.

Surely, choose no-commission prop trading firms for rapid and seamless payouts.

Charge Low Trading Fees

Lastly, get direct funding from no-commission prop trading firms at relatively lower fees. Funding Traders does not charge a hefty monthly subscription fee. You only need to pay the initial evaluation fees, which is as low as $45. This way, we eliminate entry barriers for skilled and aspiring traders.

For this minimal amount, Funding Traders offers multiple benefits to maximize your earnings.

  • Access To Instant Significant Capital
  • Outstanding Support From Trainers
  • Multiple Scaling Plans
  • Trading Platform Support For Metatrader 4

In addition to low trading fee, Funding Traders offers affordable buy-ins. You can get direct funding for your forex goals without a higher buy-in capital.

Indeed, partner with a industry-leading no commission prop firms for direct funding at low trading fees.

There are several ways no commission and no time limit prop firms offer direct funding to skilled traders. These firms offer streamlined and transparent evaluation phases – without charging any commissions. Pass these initial evaluations and get access to instant funding from a prop firm. Once you have received the funding, you can leverage all the benefits of forex trading with a prop firm like Funding Traders. These benefits include:

  • Up To 100% Profit Splits
  • Scalable Funded Accounts
  • Seamless and Rapid Payouts
  • No Time Limits
  • No Commission

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