Best Prop Firm: FTMO vs The Funded Trader (TFT) vs Funding Traders

Select the best prop firm between FTMO, The Funded Trader (TFT), and Funding Traders. These three industry-leading and legitimate prop firms provide a variety of trader-friendly features, community support, and new opportunities. While the best prop firms provide funding to undercapitalized traders, skilled traders should carefully compare these offers and performance. This decision can impact your ability to get funded, scale your capital, and earn higher profit splits.

A few key factors that separate Funding Traders from FTMO vs TFT include:

  • Trade with a funded account up to $2M capital
  • Up to 100% profit splits
  • Versatile payout systems (bank transfer & crypto-payout)
  • No commission challenge accounts
  • A growing community of traders

Compare the most important factors so that you can trade bigger, and get paid faster – including account sizes, drawdown limits, challenge objectives, profit targets, evaluation period, payout structure, and much more. Read on for a comprehensive comparison between FTMO vs The Funded Trader (TFT) vs Funding Traders to choose the best prop firm.

Account Type & Maximum Account Size

FTMO, TFT, and Funding Traders offer varying account types and account sizes. To cater for different trading goals and risk appetite, these prop firms provide small and large funded accounts. Of course, forex traders can choose an account size that best suits their trading style, preferences, and strategies.

Funding Traders:

At Funding Traders, we provide a variety of options to help traders open a prop trading account, including:

  • $5K Funded Account
  • $10K Funded Account
  • $50K Funded Account
  • $100K Funded Account
  • $200K Funded Account
  • $300K Funded Account
  • $500K Funded Account

>> Experienced and skilled traders can even choose Apex and Elite accounts to manage a funded capital of up to $2 million.

Plus, swing traders can choose any of these account sizes and hold trades overnight or over the weekend.


FTMO provides limited capital and account types to traders. In fact, traders can start with a $200,000 account and scale it up to $400,000 in future. Swing traders are allowed to select an exclusive account for limited restrictions to hold overnight positions.  

The Funded Traders:

The Funded Trader is limited by trading capital and account sizes. You can select between different-sized accounts – ranging between $5,000 to $400,000. However, with larger accounts, TFT requires traders to adhere to strict policies and highly specific maximum drawdown limits.

Before choosing the best prop firm between FTMO, The Funded Trader, and Funding Traders, evaluate the account type and maximum account size.

Prop Firm Challenge/Evaluation

The best prop firms offer unique challenges and evaluation phases. Funding Traders, FTMO, and The Funded Trader deploy comprehensive challenges to test a trader’s skills and expertise. Based on your selected account, traders are required to complete one or multiple evaluations. All three prop firms have specific criteria, profit targets, and risk management principles to validate your skills.

Funding Traders:

Choose between a one-step or two-step evaluation to get started. Whether you select a $5,000 or $500,000 funded account, you can select either evaluation program during the challenge phase. Meet the following criteria to pass your specific challenge:

One-Step Evaluation

  • Profit Target: 10%
  • Maximum Drawdown: 5%
  • Maximum Daily Drawdown: 4%
  • Trading Days: Unlimited

Two-Step Evaluation

  • Profit Target (Phase 1): 10%
  • Profit Target (Phase 2): 5%
  • Maximum Drawdown: 10%
  • Daily Drawdown: 5%
  • Trading Days: Unlimited


With FTMO, traders must complete a two-step evaluation for every challenge account. Based on the selected account type, you must achieve profit targets of 10% or 20%. Additionally, FTMO only provides up to 60 days to complete these evaluations – which may restrict some traders from successfully passing the challenge.

The Funded Trader:

The Funded Trader provides one-step and two-step evaluation phases with profit targets ranging between 5% and 10%. However, one-step evaluation is only available with the ‘Knight Challenge’ accounts. To pass the challenge and get funded, traders must complete the selected evaluation phase in 60 days as well. To choose the best prop firm, clearly understand the evaluation/challenge phase requirements.

Risk Management Rules & Conditions

FTMO, TFT, and Funding Traders require traders to follow specific risk management rules and trading conditions. These risk management policies encourage traders to deliver a consistent performance and follow a balanced approach. Depending on the particular prop firm, you may be required to follow strict or slightly flexible risk management conditions.  

Funding Traders:

To practice stronger risk management and protect funded capital, we encourage traders to follow a specific stop-loss order for their trades. While these stop-loss orders are not mandatory, they can help traders unlock long-term stable results. In addition, you must follow these risk management guidelines to stay consistent:

  • Do not risk more than 2% on a single trade idea (recommended)
  • Protect funds from excessive swings
  • Avoid placing positions based on a winning or losing streak
  • Do not utilize martingale systems or arbitrage trading strategies

>> Funding Traders allow traders to leverage EAs (Expert Advisors) and Bots to regularly improve their risk management skills.


FTMO’s strict approach to risk management guidelines may be restrictive for different trading styles. For instance, FTMO requires you to trade for a minimum of 4 days during each step of the two-step evaluation. Additionally, FTMO imposes a strict daily stop-loss of 5% – which may restrict traders to successfully pass the challenge.

The Funded Trader (TFT):

Despite flexible risk management rules, TFT does not offer versatile trading conditions to funded traders. In addition, the trading conditions may not favor your style – if you rely on EAs and Bots for risk management. The platform imposes strict guidelines on the use of EAs and bots. Clearly understand risk management rules and trading conditions to choose the best prop firm between Funding Traders, FTMO, and The Funded Trader.

Profit Split

Compare the profit split ratio between FTMO vs The Funded Trader, and Funding Traders to choose the best prop firm. These prop firms offer varying profit-sharing models to reward consistent traders.

Funding Traders:

By default, all funded accounts are eligible for a profit split of 80/20 in your favor. During the checkout process, choose our special add-ons to keep up to 100% of the earned profits – for the same funded account.

>> Traders who follow the specified guidelines and trading rules are also eligible to scale their funded accounts and earn higher profits.


With FTMO, traders are entitled to withdraw a profit of 80%. Additionally, if you are eligible for the scaling plan, you can also earn 90% of the earned profit.

The Funded Trader:

TFT follows a default profit split of 80-20 in the trader’s favor. Similar to FTMO, traders can increase their profits by up to 90% with the scaling plan.

Choose the best prop firm with flexible profit-sharing arrangements.

Fast Payout System

The payout system is different for FTMO, The Funded Trader, and Funding Traders. These prop firms support different payment methods to process fast payouts. After meeting profit targets and adhering to specific prop firm payout policies, traders can request payouts through their preferred method.

Funding Traders:

By default, traders are eligible to request a payout after every 14 days. Additionally, with our add-on accounts, you can request even faster payouts – after 7 days. Traders are eligible to request a payout via direct bank transfer (Rise) and Coinbase Commerce (Crypto).

>> To request a payout, simply open a ticket on Discord or Email with relevant payment details. Traders who select Crypto payouts can receive their bonus within 8-12 hours.

Along with your first payout, you’ll also receive a full refund of the evaluation fee.


FTMO shares profits every 14 days – while providing traders to adjust the payout period. You can request the payout via Skrill, crypto, and wire transfers. After placing a payout request, it may take up to 2-3 business days to receive the payment.

The Funded Trader (TFT):

After completing the challenge phases, traders are eligible to request fast payouts. TFT provides a default payout period of 14 days. However, the platform may take up to 2-3 business days to process your payout requests.

FTMO, The Funded Trader, and Funding Traders are three of the leading prop trading firms. To trade bigger and unlock new opportunities, you must evaluate different factors and choose the best prop firm. Start by comparing offered account types and sizes. At Funding Traders, you have the flexibility to choose up to a $2M forex-funded account. Additionally, traders can choose between one-step and two-step evaluations to get funded. Profit split is another differentiating factor between FTMO vs TFT vs The Funding Traders. Here, you can select exclusive add-ons and keep up to 100% of the earned profit. Lastly, we also provide faster 7-day payouts – allowing traders to maximize their earnings.

Ready to partner with a reputed prop firm? Click here to get funded and start your trading journey with Funding Traders. 

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