The Year Of Dragon: Unlock Growth And Forex Trading Opportunities

The Year of Dragon is here and it’s set to bring new growth opportunities for forex traders. As per the Chinese lunar calendar, the year of the dragon represents innovation and growth. Plus, the dragon is one of the most popular zodiac signs in the finance industry. As a result, forex experts and traders are expecting new, profitable market opportunities this year. In the past, traders have experienced higher returns during each year of the dragon.

At Funding Traders, we wish everyone a Happy Chinese Lunar Year. With the year of the dragon here, start trading with Funding Traders and leverage:

  • Funded forex accounts with up to $2M capital
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As a forex trader, the Year of the Dragon is your chance to trade bigger, maximize profits, and seize new market opportunities. Read on to learn about unlocking forex trading growth during the year of the dragon.

Year Of The Dragon Market Predictions

Dragon is considered a fortunate sign for all markets. The year started with a significant increase in Bitcoin prices – crossing the $47,000 mark. In the last two weeks, Bitcoin prices grew by a massive 15%. With a similar 5% daily increase in future, the final price may reach up to $48,000 by the end of the year.

Additionally, metals may perform well in the year of the dragon. Similar to forex, metal traders may see positive growth opportunities throughout the year. The mythical dragon will most likely create favorable opportunities for gold & silver, bitcoin, and other financial markets.

With the mythical dragon bringing luck to markets, forex traders must prepare for significant financial success. Join a legitimate and reputable prop firm to leverage new forex growth opportunities.

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