Smart Prop Trader Vs Surge Trader: Comparing US Prop Firms

There are several factors to compare between Smart Prop Trader vs Surge Trader. US-based fx prop firms offer lucrative opportunities to develop new skills, get funded, and make profitable trades. These prop funding firms vary in available trading tools, joining fee, profit split, scaling plan, etc.

Experienced and seasoned traders must analyze several factors to choose between prop firms like Smart Prop Trader and Surge Trader. Comparing these prop firms helps you select a partner most suited for your goals and trading style. This way, you can unlock longevity in forex markets.

At Funding Traders, we offer a competitive trading environment for US-based traders. Key factors that separate Funding Traders from Smart Prop Trader vs Surge Trader include:

  • Up to $2M funded accounts
  • No-time limit prop firm evaluations
  • No commission during challenge phases
  • Up to 100% profit splits
  • Fast 7 day payouts
  • Multiple liquidity providers

Read on for a comprehensive comparison between Smart Prop Trader and Surge Trader.

Smart Prop Trader vs Surge Trader: Challenges

Prop firm challenges are the first factor to evaluate between Smart Prop Trader vs Surge Trader. Challenges help US-based prop firms evaluate serious, skilled, and profitable traders. These structured evaluation phases allow you to prove your skills and demonstrate your trading prowess. Prop firm challenges differ in terms of drawdown limits, winning criteria, risk management tools, and profit targets.

Smart Prop Trader

Smart Prop Trader’s challenge accounts are available for beginner and experienced traders. To get funded, you must complete a multi-phase, two-step evaluation. During the challenge phase, you are required to place at least 1 trade every day. The prop firm evaluates traders based on daily drawdown limits and profit achieved. Regardless of your challenge account size, you must achieve profit targets ranging from 5-7%. Additionally, the prop firm charges a commission based on your account size.

Surge Trader

Compared to Smart Prop Trader, Surge Trader only offers one-step evaluation for all six account sizes. During the evaluation phase, you can trade up to 1:100 leverage. To successfully pass these challenges, meet a static profit target of 10% – along with 4% maximum and 5% trailing drawdown.

Funding Traders

At Funding Traders, you are flexible to choose between one-step or two-step evaluation for all funded accounts. Plus, we do not charge any commissions during the challenge phase – ensuring a seamless onboarding for associated traders. You can also hold positions overnight or during the weekend.

Here’s how to pass Funding Trader’s prop firm challenge:

One-Step Evaluation

  • Profit Target: 10%
  • Maximum Drawdown: 5%
  • Maximum Daily Drawdown: 4%
  • Trading Days: Unlimited

Two-Step Evaluation

  • Profit Target (Phase 1): 10%
  • Profit Target (Phase 2): 5%
  • Maximum Drawdown: 10%
  • Daily Drawdown: 5%
  • Trading Days: Unlimited

>> After passing the evaluation, you’ll receive a 100% refund of your challenge fees!

Analyze available challenge programs between Smart Prop Trader vs Surge Trader to choose the best prop firm in the USA.

Surge Trader vs Smart Prop Trader: Funded Accounts

Funded account size is another comparison factor between Surge Trader vs Smart Prop Trader. Industry-leading prop firms in the USA offer up to $2M capital for forex trading. Select a funding level best suited for your experience, trading style, and preferred financial markets. Of course, you should also compare the offered leverage to increase buying power.

Smart Prop Trader

Smart Prop Trader offers limited funded account sizes. The prop firm only provides 5 funding levels – ranging between $10,000 to $200,000. While the joining fees for these funded accounts are lower, experienced traders have limited capital to trade bigger.

Surge Trader

Surge Traders provides six different funded account sizes – with capital varying between $25,000 to $1 million. With a starting account size of $25,000, the prop firm may not cater to beginners. Plus, the joining fees for each funded account are comparatively higher than other prop firms. For a $500,000 funded accounts, you are required to pay $3,500.

Funding Traders

Compared to these two US-based prop firms, Funding Traders offers better account flexibility. You can start with a smaller $10,000 account or even trade with $500,000 capital. Elite and Apex accounts are also available with up to $2M capital for profitable, skilled, and experienced traders.

Select the initial capital and open a prop trading account with Funding Traders:

  • $10K Funded Account
  • $50K Funded Account
  • $100K Funded Account
  • $200K Funded Account
  • $300K Funded Account
  • $500K Funded Account

>> With Elite and Apex accounts, you are eligible for one-on-one consultation with our CEO.

Compare available account sizes between Smart Prop Trader vs Surge Trader to select an initial balance.

Surge Trader vs Smart Prop Trader: Brokers

When comparing Surge Trader vs Smart Prop Trader, look for the available forex broker options. These two US-based prop firms offer Eightcap as the only broker option for national and global traders.

Eightcap is a Melbourne based ASIC-regulated broker, supporting forex, CFD, and cryptocurrency trading. While Eightcap supports multiple financial instruments, the broker does not accept US clients. As a result, both Surge Trader and Smart Prop Trader are not available for American traders.

Funding Traders Brokers

Funding Traders offers a competitive environment for global traders. With multiple liquidity providers, traders can choose a broker best suited for their strategies, location, and trading style. The available broker options include:

  • CBT
  • Blueberry

US-based brokers can choose CBT to leverage leading liquidity providers such as Broctagon. CBT’s cutting-edge trading platforms support MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Plus, the broker charges no commissions on challenge accounts – creating a transparent trading environment.

Recently, Funding Traders partnered with Blueberry Markets to create competitive trading conditions for global traders. Blueberry supports up to 300+ trading instruments, allowing experienced traders to take advantage of multiple financial markets.

With multiple available options, you can trade securely in a continuously evolving forex market.

Surge Trader vs Smart Prop Trader: Scaling Plan

Varying forex prop firm scaling plans are another comparison factor between Surge Trader and Smart Prop Trader. Prop firms in the USA offer competitive scaling plans to reward consistent, disciplined, and profitable traders. With increased capital, you can leverage larger positions in forex markets.

Smart Prop Trader

Smart Prop Trader’s scaling plan increases capital by 25% every three months. You’re eligible for the scaling plan as long as you do not breach the prop firm’s guidelines. In addition to increased capital, Smart Prop Trader also raised the maximum drawdown limit by 2% – after your account balance increases by 28%.

Surge Trader

Surge Trader offers a simple scaling plan to increase the initial account balance. To qualify for the scaling plan, traders must achieve a 10% virtual profit target during the evaluation phase. Upon meeting these criteria, the prop firm scales the capital to the next funded account level.

Funding Traders

Funding Traders offers a competitive scaling plan to support consistently profitable traders with larger allocations. If you meet the following requirements, you are eligible to scale your capital by 25% every three months:

  • Achieve profitability milestones within three consecutive months
  • Earn a total 10% profit target for three months
  • Stay consistent for at least two consecutive months

Even if you start with a smaller $10,000 funded account, you can potentially scale up to $2,000,000 capital.

Smart Prop Trader vs Surge Trader: Payouts

Compare available payout options between Smart Prop Trader and Surge Trader. Not all US prop firms offer rapid payouts and a competitive profit split. Analyze the available payout system to ensure you can withdraw profits at your convenience.

Smart Prop Trader

The prop firm offers a default 12-day payout to all associated traders. You can manually select your profit split day to receive the payout. In the payout, you’ll receive 85% of your profits – with the prop firm retaining the remaining 15%. You can additionally take advantage of scaling options to earn up to 90% of the earned profit.

Surge Trader

Surge Trader offers default monthly payouts – restricting traders from on-demand payouts. These requirements may not align with the financial goals and requirements of many forex traders like yourself. Once you achieve profit targets, you can request a payout through wire transfer, Rise, crypto, or ACH.

Funding Traders

Funding Traders offers a default 14-day payout – ensuring traders can access their profit in the shortest period possible. With exclusive add-ons, you can request fast 7-day payouts to receive your profit split within a week. By default, you’ll keep 80% of your profits in each payout. Of course, you can upgrade to an impressive 90% or 100% profit split with Funding Traders.

Funded forex traders must analyze and compare several factors when searching for a prop firm. Different prop funding firms offer unique profit opportunities, comprehensive scaling plans, and on-demand payout solutions. During your search, you should also compare brokers, challenges, and funded account options. Of course, Funding Traders provides a competitive, transparent trading environment where you can maximize your potential. Click here to get funded today.

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