Compare Prop Firms The5ers vs TopStep

Compare The5ers vs TopStep vs Funding Traders to choose the best prop firm. Notably, these three companies are among the rapidly growing prop firms for forex traders. Before you sign up for their forex funding program, compare the available trading conditions, account sizes, and profit split.

With the right prop firm, you can achieve consistent profits, manage risks, and ultimately trade bigger. In addition, you should also compare the available account sizes to leverage competitive purchasing power. For instance, TopStep offers three account sizes up to $150,000 – providing limited capital for experienced traders. Meanwhile, Funding Traders offers more flexible account sizes – with up to $2 million capital.

As a forex trader yourself, carefully compare funded trading account sizes, payout methods, and supported instruments to choose between Funding Traders vs TopStep vs The5ers.

Start trading with Funding Traders and leverage:

  • Realistic Evaluation Targets
  • No-Commission Challenge Accounts
  • Copy/News Trading Allowed
  • EA Support For More Streamlined Trading Decisions

Here are a few comparison factors between The5ers vs TopStep vs Funding Traders.

Funding Challenges

Funding challenges are the first critical comparison factor between The5ers vs TopStep vs Funding Traders. Typically, prop firm funding challenges should offer fair and transparent evaluation milestones. Compare the evaluation criteria on profit targets, trading days, and overall drawdown limits.


The prop firm offers a more straightforward challenge process with instant funded accounts. Notably, the initial challenge fee is relatively higher – restricting many skilled traders to join the prop firm. Compared to other prop firms, The5ers’ 1-step challenge accounts start from $260.


TopStep provides a transparent two-step evaluation process with realistic easy-to-achieve profit targets. Keep in mind TopStep’s challenge fee is charged on a monthly basis. As a result, slower inexperienced traders with limited skills may need to pay a higher amount for the challenge account.

Funding Traders:

As a reputable prop firm, Funding Traders’ challenge accounts are available for all traders with a more competitive profit share afterward. To get started, you can select between 1-step and 2-step funding challenges – starting from $100. Plus, the flexible trading rules allow you to complete the prop firm challenge at your own pace.

  • Profit Targets (1-Step): 10%
  • Profit Targets (2-Step Phase 1): 10%
  • Profit Targets (2-Step Phase 2): 5%
  • Maximum Drawdown (1-Step): 5%
  • Maximum Drawdown (2-Step): 5%
  • Daily Drawdown (1-Step): 4%
  • Daily Drawdown (2-Step): 10%
  • Trading Days: Unlimited

>> Once you complete the challenge, you receive instant funding along with a 100% refund of challenge fee.

Indeed, compare funding challenges between The5ers vs TopStep vs Funding Traders to choose a reliable prop trading company.

Profit Split

Profit split is another essential comparison factor between The5ers vs TopStep vs Funding Traders. These prop firms offer varying profit splits to reward consistent and disciplined traders. Choose a prop firm with a competitive split so that you can take home up to 100% of the earnings.


Compared to TopStep, The5ers’ profit split depends on your selected funding program. Initially, you start with a smaller 50% split – with unique opportunities to scale up and keep 75% of the earned profits. For the more expensive high-stake funding programs, traders are eligible for a default 80% of the profit split.


At The5ers, the profit-sharing arrangement requires traders to accumulate certain winning days with a net profit of $200 or higher. Initially, traders can request up to 50% of the earned profit after accumulating 5 winning days. Once traders achieve a $200 net profit for 30 days, the prop firm offers up to a 100% profit split. Many beginners may struggle to maintain this consistency – limiting the profit split to 50%.

Funding Traders:

Funding Traders creates more rewarding opportunities with a competitive default profit split. Once the challenge is completed, all traders are eligible for a default 80% profit split.

Plus, you can sign up for available add-on options and instantly increase your profit split up to 100%. Certainly, compare profit splits between The5ers vs Funding Traders vs TopStep.

Costs & Fees

In addition, compare the prop firms’ costs and fees to choose between Funding Traders vs TopStep vs The5ers. To join one of these three prop firms, traders are required to pay either one-time or  monthly evaluation fees. Ideally, you should choose a prop firm with affordable expenses for the time you participate in the evaluation.


The prop firm charges one-time evaluation fees with no additional costs. Notably, the 6-months trading period adds certain pressure to complete the evaluation targets. Traders who fail to complete the challenge must pay the evaluation fees again to restart the process.


TopStep leverages a more expensive and complex fee model to charge traders. The prop firm only offers a monthly subscription model – requiring traders to pay fees every month. These monthly fees is charged for the entire period you participate in the prop firm’s funding program. These recurring charges may lead to bigger expenses for slow, inexperienced, and new traders.

Funding Traders:

Compared to The5ers and TopStep, Funding Traders offers more affordable challenge fees with no further costs. Traders are only required to submit one-time evaluation fees – starting from $100 on a $10,000 challenge account. In addition, the no-time limit challenge rule ensures you can complete the evaluation without paying extra charges again. Pay a one-time fee and select your preferred funded account size:

  • $10,000 Funded Account – $100
  • $25,000 Funded Account – $200
  • $50,000 Funded Account – $300
  • $100,000 Funded Account – $550
  • $200,000 Funded Account – $1,000

>> This fair pricing ensures a more seamless entry for all aspiring traders looking to trade bigger.  

Indeed, costs & challenge fees are two important comparison factors between TopStep vs The5ers vs Funding Traders.

Dedicated Trading Community

Next, compare the dedicated trading community between The5ers vs TopStep vs Funding Traders. You should compare the prop firm’s online communities based on news updates, collaborations, and active responsiveness. These active prop firm communities allow you to work on your skills and become a successful trader.


With The5ers online communities, you can receive consistent updates on trading plans, strategies, and educational resources. Whether you’re a beginner or a full-time trader with years of experience, regular interactions with community members can help achieve consistency.


TopStep offers multiple online communities to support traders across different platforms. Primarily, the prop firm’s members can join dedicated community channels on Discord and Facebook. With these platforms, you can discuss market news, forex strategies, and trading signals with fellow community members.

Funding Traders:

Funding Traders offers a 24/7 active prop firm Discord and Telegram community channels. In addition to meaningful conversations with fellow traders, our team hosts live trading webinars to discuss the latest market insights. During these regular live sessions, you can expect breaking news, trading tips from the CEO, and insights on algorithmic trading principles.

Join Funding Trader’s trading community channels to engage with profitable traders:

>> In addition, find Funding Traders on YouTube for resourceful videos – helpful to grow exponentially.

Indeed, you should compare the trading community between Funding Traders vs The5ers vs TopStep to select the most trusted prop firm.

Payout Policy

Finally, compare The5ers vs Funding Traders vs TopStep based on the payout policies. Disciplined, consistent, and hard-working traders must join a prop firm with fast payout policies. Compare the prop firm payout cycles, supported payment methods, and payout frequencies.


The5ers supports multi-payment support to help traders request payouts – including Wise, Cryptocurrency, and bank transfer. You are eligible for a payout every 14 days after successfully completing the prop firm challenge.


While TopStep offers faster 7-day payouts, traders can only request up to 50% profits initially. These complicated policies may restrict you from receiving all your earnings when you start trading with TopStep. In addition, the supported payment methods may take up to 10 or more business days to process payouts.

Funding Traders:

With the fastest prop firm payout policies, Funding Traders ensures you can access your hard-earned profits on time. By default, all traders are eligible for a bi-weekly payout. Plus, the available add-ons allow you to receive these payouts within 7 days.

Funding Traders supports multiple payout methods to provide traders with better flexibility:

  • Rise
  • Cryptocurrency

>> To request a payout, open a ticket on Discord and receive your profits within 6-12 hours (crypto payouts).

Definitely, consider prop firm payout policies to compare TopStep vs Funding Traders vs The5ers.

There are several comparison factors between The5ers vs TopStep vs Funding Traders. First, compare the funding challenge requirements to choose a prop firm with realistic profit targets – designed to test skilled traders.

You should also compare available profit splits, payout policies, and additional challenge costs to make an informed decision. To grow in your trading career, choose a prop firm with a dedicated active community across multiple platforms.

Ready to join the best prop firm between Funding Traders vs TopStep vs The5ers? Click here to start trading on a challenge account.

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