SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders: Which Prop Firm To Join In 2024?

There are several SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders comparison factors to join the best prop firm in 2024. Proprietary trading firms have reshaped the forex trading landscape, enabling potential traders to leverage additional or institutional-sized capital. Identify the best platform to amplify your forex trading strategies.

Traders must analyze the comparison to understand the features and services of SurgeTrader, FTMO, and Funding Traders. While selecting the right prop firm, consider user experience, cost implications, trading style/culture, and overall reputation of each firm. Of course, joining the right prop trading firm can unlock your growth potential – to trade bigger and get paid faster.

At Funding Traders, we offer a competitive trading environment for passionate traders. With the highest profit split in the industry, robust trading infrastructure, and competitive scaling plans, here are some key factors that set Funding Traders apart from SurgeTrader vs FTMO:

  • Fast 7-day payouts
  • Up to 100% profit splits
  • Multiple liquidity providers
  • Up to $2M funded accounts
  • No commission during challenge
  • No-time limit prop firm evaluations

Read on to understand the best comprehensive prop firm comparison between FTMO vs SurgeTrader vs Funding Traders.

Trade Rules & Flexibility

Next, compare trading rules and flexibility between SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders. Prop firm’s trading rules can significantly affect your profits, earnings, and ability to trade bigger. Ideally, you should join a prop firm best-suited to your unique trading style.


With support for scalping, swing trading, and news trading, SurgeTrader offers a flexible environment. You can implement multiple strategies to earn higher profits on your funded account – without any restrictions. However, SurgeTrader sets a strict stop-loss order to limit your potential losses on a challenge account. These strict stop-loss limits may lead to unwanted automatic transactions during market fluctuations – leading to higher losses.


Since FTMO’s US ban, the prop firm continues to set stringent trading rules. With these strict guidelines, FTMO only accepts limited trading styles and practices. The limited trading flexibility may restrict skilled traders from executing unique strategies.

Funding Traders

To create a more competitive trading environment, Funding Traders offers realistic, transparent, and straightforward rules. For instance, traders can leverage a diverse range of instruments – including forex, crypto, stocks, metals, and indices. The flexible multi-instrument approach allows traders to earn profits in different markets. A few additional flexible rules that maximize a trader’s success include:

  • Support for news and copy trading
  • No mandatory stop-loss limits on active trades
  • Support for EA/Bots to automate and streamline your trading decisions
  • Support for weekend/overnight holds to help swing traders capitalize on short-term gains over a few days

Funding Traders encourages ethical practices to create a fair and transparent trading environment. We provide the necessary tools, mentorship, and support to help traders navigate platform rules more effectively. Compare the trading rules and flexibility between SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders to join the best prop firm in 2024.

Trading Platform

Consider the supported trading platforms to select the best prop firm between SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders. Typically, prop firms offer multiple trading platforms for traders planning to utilize bots/EA, news events, and other trading strategies. Compare the supported platforms to join a trusted forex prop firm.


SurgeTrader supports MT4 and MT5 forex trading platforms – with a few limitations. In early 2024, the prop firm terminated support for MT4 and MT5 platforms for US traders.


Similar to SurgeTrader, FTMO allows traders to leverage MT4 and MT5 platforms. In addition, the prop firm also provides support for cTrader in limited countries. However, FTMO no longer provides services to US-based clients. In January 2024, FTMO suspended all challenge accounts for US traders – terminating its operations in the country.

Funding Traders

With multiple liquidity providers, Funding Traders supports a range of trading platforms. Both US-based and international clients can leverage one of these trading platforms to streamline their strategies. The supported trading platforms include:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • TradeLocker

Indeed, analyze the supported trading platforms to join a reputed prop firm between FTMO vs SurgeTrader vs FundingTraders.

Funding Challenges

Funding challenges are another crucial comparison factor between SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders. Typically, these prop firms provide 1-step or 2-step challenge accounts to evaluate a trader’s skills. Traders are required to achieve profit targets and follow the evaluation rules to get a funded trading account. These challenge accounts may vary in terms of profit targets, drawdown limits, and supported trading instruments. Ultimately, these structured evaluations allow traders to prove their trading skills.


Referred as prop firm auditions, SurgeTrader offers one-phase and two-phase evaluations to validate your skills. Based on the selected funding challenge account, you are required to achieve varying profit targets.

  • Profit Target (1-Step): 10%
  • Profit Target (2-Step Phase 1): 8%
  • Profit Target (2-Step Phase 2): 5%

For challenge accounts, SurgeTrader limits the forex leverage to 20:1. The limited leverage may restrict experienced traders like you from closing larger forex positions. As a result, you may struggle to achieve profit targets and fail to pass the prop firm evaluation.


FTMO only provides a two-step evaluation program – with separate challenge and verification stages. Of course, traders must complete both evaluation stages to get a funded account. The prop firms offer three different challenge accounts with varying profit targets – ranging between 10% – 20%.

All traders are required to achieve these evaluation milestones within a specific time period:

  • 30 Days (For Challenge Stage)
  • 60 Days (For Verification Stage)

The limited trading days may restrict beginners or swing traders from successfully completing profit targets.

Funding Traders

Leverage 1-step and 2-step prop firm evaluations with Funding Traders and complete the challenge account – without paying any commission. While other prop firms may charge a $3/lot commission, Funding Traders stands out with no commission on a challenge account. Plus, the no-time limit trading rule offers better flexibility to meet profit targets at your pace.

Choose between a 1 or 2-step challenge and achieve realistic profit targets to get funded:

1-Step Funding Challenge:

  • 10% of profit target
  • 4% of maximum daily loss
  • 5% of maximum loss
  • 1 Minimum Trading days
  • Unlimited trading period

2-Step Funding Challenge:

  • 10% of profit target (Phase 1)
  • 5% of profit target (Phase 2)
  • 10% Maximum Loss
  • 5% of maximum daily loss
  • Unlimited trading period

>> Upon successful completion of prop firm challenges, you are also eligible for 100% refund with your first payout.

After the first stage of two-step challenge, you are eligible to start with the verification phase. During the second phase, achieve a 5% profit target to prove your skills during varying market conditions. Again, you can take several weeks to complete the profit targets and start trading on a live account. Definitely, complete the funding challenges to join a legitimate prop firm between SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders in 2024.

Profit Splits

Profit splits are the most noticeable comparison factor between SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders. Competitive profit splits motivate aspiring traders to implement unique forex strategies. After the evaluation process is completed, FTMO vs SurgeTrader vs Funding Traders provide varying profit splits to reward associated traders.


At SurgeTrader, the initial profit split is capped at 75% – with 25% going to the prop firm. This way, traders earning $10,000 profit on a forex funded account can keep up to a $7500 split. In addition, SurgeTrader also offers unique opportunities to scale up your profit split up to 90-10 – in your favor.


With FTMO, traders are eligible for a default profit split of 80%. Initially, you can only manage up to $400,000 funded account – limiting your potential profit earnings for a successful trader like you. Plus, FTMO also allows traders to reach up to a 90/10 profit split, resulting in increased earnings.

Funding Traders

As a global prop firm, Funding Traders rewards traders with a competitive 80% default profit split. Whatever account size you choose, you can keep 80% of the earned profits. Plus, aspiring traders can also leverage exclusive add-ons to increase their profit split up to 100%.

Traders can request their earned profits after every 14 days. Or, you can also upgrade your payout cycle and receive your profit split after a week. To request your profit split, you can choose between multiple payment options, including:

  • Bank Transfer via Rise
  • Crypto Coinbase Commerce

Certainly, analyze the profit splits clearly between SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders to join the best prop firm in 2024.

Scaling Plan

Finally, evaluate the scaling plans to join a legitimate prop firm between SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders. Ideally, you should select a prop firm that offers unique scaling opportunities – without a restrictive trading environment. The increased account balance allows traders to hold larger positions in forex. To qualify for these scaling plans, maintain a higher account balance than the initial capital.


With SurgeTrader, you can scale up your initial $25k capital to a large virtual funded account. The prop firm requires traders to earn a 10% additional virtual profit to scale up to the next available account size. Traders with 1-phase audition are eligible to scale up their capital up to a $1 million funded account. Meanwhile, 2-phase audition only allows you to increase the funded account size up to $500,000. The limited scaling opportunities may restrict consistent, skilled, and hardworking traders to engage in larger market positions.


FTMO’s scaling plan follows the four-month cycle rule – requiring traders to achieve a net 10% profit. Plus, traders must receive at least two payouts during the four-month cycle to receive the scaled-up account. Upon meeting the eligibility criteria, consistently profitable forex traders receive continuous increments. While these scaling plans offer competitive growth, the stringent trading rules on a live account may prevent you from reaching the biggest $2M funded account.

Funding Traders

Funding Traders’ scaling plans are designed to encourage profitable traders to achieve consistent results. The competitive scaling plans offer new opportunities to traders with long-term goals for growth in forex. Demonstrate your trading prowess to receive larger capital allocations and trade bigger. At Funding Traders, you can start with a smaller $10,000 account balance and scale up to a significant $2M funded account size.

Meet these key objectives to scale up your initial account size:

  • Achieve profit milestones in a 3 month period
  • Maintain consistent profitability for 2 consecutive months
  • Achieve a net profit of 10% in three months

>> Upon successfully meeting these objectives, you can scale up your funded capital by 25% every three months.

Certainly, join the best prop firm between SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders with a better scaling plan in 2024.

Compare SurgeTrader vs FTMO vs Funding Traders to join the best prop firm USA in 2024. First, analyze the profit splits to start off your prop firm comparison. To maximize your earnings, join Funding Traders to receive up to 100% of the earned profit. Next, evaluate the prop firm evaluations to select a prop firm with realistic profit targets, transparent drawdown limits, and no-minimum trading day requirements.

Of course, a prop firm with flexible trading rules, EA support, and overnight holding is sure to streamline your trading journey. In a continuously evolving prop firm space, join a prop firm supporting the latest trading platform for US and global clients. Finally, select a prop firm with competitive scaling plans to increase your initial capital up to $2M.

Ready to join the best prop firm in 2024? Click here to get funded today!

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