How To Get Funded As A Trader In Forex

There are several important steps to get funded as a trader in forex. Becoming a funded trader is an effective way to increase profits, scale capital, and limit risks in the forex market. To secure funding, traders need to showcase experience in executing successful trades and earning consistent profits.

If you’re looking to become a funded trader, you can get started with a legitimate prop firm that aligns with your goals, skills, and risk tolerance. Then, you can trade bigger and get paid faster – with no time limits, fast weekly payouts, and up to 100% profit splits. Read on to learn about getting funded as a forex trader with prop firms.

Select A Forex Prop Firm

Choose a reputable, industry leading forex prop firm to get funded as a trader. Prop funding firms provide you with the necessary capital, state-of-the-art tools, and advanced platforms for profitable forex trading. Select a prop firm with competitive profit sharing agreements, clear trading rules, and a strong reputation in the industry. You should also focus on the trading conditions – especially if you’re a day trader or forex scalper.

Support, community, and mentorship is also valuable from a prop firm. At Funding Traders, you can connect with other funded traders in our Discord and Telegram communities:

> Join Funding Traders On Discord
> Join Funding Traders On Telegram

Certainly, choose a top-rated forex prop firm to get funded as a trader.

Choose A Funded Account Size

Once you’ve found the best prop firm in the USA, select your funded trader account size. Different forex funded accounts provide varying levels of trading capital – along with specific requirements, limits, and fees. Choose the account size that fits your profit goals, trading style, and personal requirements best.

At Funding Traders, we offer 10 different account levels ranging from $5K to $2M. What’s included?

  • Up To 100% Profit Split
  • Unlimited Trading Days
  • Zero Commissions On Challenge Accounts
  • News & Copy Trading Allowed
  • Weekend/Overnight Holding
  • Bi-Weekly Or Weekly Payouts

> Make sure to confirm the fees before choosing a funded account. With Funding Traders, the only cost is your evaluation fee – which is as low as $50. Plus, your fee gets refunded after you pass the challenge.

Certainly, choose an account size that aligns with your goals to get funded as a forex trader.

Complete Evaluation Challenges With A Prop Firm

Before you get funded as a forex trader, you’ll need to complete a prop firm evaluation. These comprehensive challenges put your trading skills to the test. Pay your evaluation fee – then trade with a demo account. Take your time, showcase your profit potential, and trade at your own pace with unlimited time periods.

To pass the challenge, adhere to specific profit targets, sustain minimum daily losses, and meet max drawdown limits. Exact targets and requirements vary based on your challenge account size: Here’s how our 2-step 500K evaluation works:

Phase One

  • 10% Profit Target
  • 5% Daily Loss Allowed
  • 10% Max Drawdown
  • No Stop Loss Requirements

Phase Two

  • 5% Profit Target
  • 5% Maximum Daily Loss
  • 10% Overall Drawdown
  • 20 Minimum Trading Days

> You can also take a 1-Step 500K Evaluation with 10% Profit Target, 4% Daily Drawdown, and 10% Trailing Max Drawdown.

Complete and pass a prop firm challenge to get funded as a forex trader.

Receive Your First Payout

Once you start earning as a forex funded trader, you can apply for your first profit payout. Request to withdraw your profits every 14 days with Funding Traders. Or, purchase our add-on to upgrade to fast, 7-day payouts. This feature allows you to maximize withdrawals, improve your presence in the markets, and limit personal risk.

Request your funds through two payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer Via Rise
  • Crypto Transfer via Coinbase Commerce

> You can withdraw your profits in just a few simple clicks. Request a payout through Discord or Email. Our support team will forward your request to the accounting department – and the funds will be deposited into your account within 3 business days.

Withdraw your first payout to become a successful and profitable forex funded trader.

Scale Your Forex Funded Account

Now that you’re a funded forex trader, you are ready to scale your prop firm account. Capital scaling plans empower you to continuously grow your account size – based on consistent profits and performance. Leverage our capital scaling plan to increase your earnings payouts over time.

Funding Traders scaling plan is designed to support growth – rewarding you with larger capital allocations as you demonstrate your skills. Here are the key components of the plan:

  • Maintain Profitability For 2/3 Consecutive Months
  • Earn 10% Total Profit On Initial Account Balance
  • Achieve Milestones Within A Continuous, Consecutive 3 Month Period
  • Qualify For A 25% Increase In Account Size

We aim to provide opportunities for funded forex traders to grow their accounts and continue success with the Funding Traders community. Definitely, focus on scaling your account once you get funded as a forex trader.

There are several key steps to get funded as a forex trader. Nowadays, securing funding shouldn’t be a challenge for traders with the skills, experience, and performance. To begin, select a firm and open a prop trading account. To get verified, you’ll need to pass a comprehensive evaluation and maintain consistent performance standards. As you start earning profits, you can submit a request for your first payout. Then, continue to scale your account – up to $2M. Ready to get started? Click here to get funded as a forex trader.

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