Best Forex Prop Firms In UK For Funded Accounts


The best prop firms in the UK offer funded accounts to trade the forex markets. The UK is a hub for trusted, reputable, and industry-leading prop firms. Top-rated prop firms fund skilled traders with additional capital – allowing them to trade bigger, capitalize on daily price movements, and leverage the global forex markets. Compared to relying on personal funds, prop firm funded accounts help traders leverage larger positions and earn higher profits.

As an experienced trader based in London, UK, partner with the biggest prop firms to excel in your trading journey. In addition to funding, prop firms also offer educational resources, community support, and flexible trading rules – which may upgrade your trading skills.

Additionally, industry-leading UK prop firms like Funding Traders offer:

  • No-time limit challenge accounts
  • Zero commission challenge phase
  • Fast 7-day payouts
  • Up to 100% profit splits
  • Premium-funded accounts up to $2M

Read on to learn about the best prop firms in the UK that provide funded accounts.

Provide Funding Evaluations

The best forex prop firms in UK conduct evaluations before allocating funded accounts. To screen profitable traders, UK-based prop firms have comprehensive and varying evaluation programs. Some local forex prop firms in London may even conduct in-person interviews to evaluate your experience, strategies, and risk management. For seamless onboarding, Funding Traders offers online trading challenges and evaluations.

Select your preferred capital size and meet these targets to get your funded account:

  • Select between 1-step or 2-step evaluation
  • Pay the associated joining fee (starting from $50)
  • Achieve 10% profit target
  • Keep daily drawdown above 5%
  • Do not go below 5-10% of overall account size

>> All our evaluation programs offer unlimited trading days – giving you enough time to understand the market, execute profitable strategies, and pass the challenge. Once passed, you will receive instant capital to start trading forex. Indeed, choose a forex prop firm in the UK that offers seamless evaluations.

Fund Traders With Increased Capital

The best prop firms in the UK fund traders with significantly larger funded accounts. Succeeding in the UK’s competitive trading industry may require increased capital. Forex prop firms offer the same capital access to traders – they might get from a UK bank, financial institution, or hedge fund.

Here at Funding Traders, traders are eligible to secure different-sized forex-funded accounts, including:

  • $5000 funded account
  • $10,000 funded account
  • $25,000 funded account
  • $50,000 funded account
  • $100,000 funded account
  • $200,000 funded account

>> Sign up for $500K prop firm challenges to manage bigger funded account sizes. With our Elite and Apex accounts, you can even manage funded accounts with $1 million and $2 million capital. Plus, you are eligible for direct contact with our CEO and team for consistent support, mentorship, and guidance to manage a premium account.

Definitely, the best prop firms in the UK provide funded accounts with large capital.

Share Competitive Profit Splits

Top-rated forex prop firms in the UK offer competitive profit splits to consistent and skilled traders. When trading in London or other major cities in the United Kingdom, many prop firms offer an average profit split ratio of 50-50. Even after passing the challenges, your prop firm may uphold a default 60-40 profit share agreement. Even if you generate a $10,000 profit on your funded account, you will only receive $4,000 during the payout.

As a leading forex prop firm, Funding Traders offers a competitive profit split ratio to all traders. By default, you are eligible for 80% of the earned profit. We only keep 20% of the profits you make. 

>> Plus, you can purchase our exclusive add-ons to keep up to 100% profits – maximizing your earnings and celebrating your success.

Select the best UK-based prop firms that reward traders with competitive profit splits.

Reward Traders With Scalable Accounts

The best forex prop firms in the UK reward consistently profitable traders with scalable capital. With scaling options, you can increase your account balance and potentially trade in millions. Even with a small $50,000 funded forex account, meet consistent profit targets to increase your position size and trade bigger.

Funding Traders offers a quarterly scaling program to recognize and reward profitable traders. Typically, you can increase your funded account size by 25% after generating a consistent 10% profit. Here’s how the scalability plan works:

  • Achieve trading milestones within three months
  • Generate a minimum 10% profit on your initial account balance
  • Stay profitable for at least two consecutive months

>> Achieve these milestones and scale up to $2 million funded forex account to enjoy higher profits. Definitely, the best prop firms in the UK are always ready to reward skilled, consistent, and profitable traders with scalable capital.

Support Multiple Trading Instruments

Leverage multiple trading instruments with the best forex prop firms in the UK. As a globally acclaimed prop firm, we allow UK-based traders to trade multiple currency pairs – resulting in diversified portfolios. At Funding Traders, we support all major, minor, and exotic FX currency pairs, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD, and USD/JPY.

Plus, multi-instrument traders can generate profit from different markets, including:

  • FX (Forex)
  • Crypto (Cryptocurrencies)
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Metals

>> To stay profitable, make sure that your trading strategies and style cater to the selected financial instrument. Consider leverage, spread, and contract size to validate your trading strategy for different instruments.

Additionally, multi-instrument traders can also join our worldwide community to collaborate with other experienced members.

Definitely, partner with the best forex prop firms in the UK that support multiple financial instruments.

The best prop firms in the UK offer forex funded accounts to support skilled, experienced, and profitable traders. To allocate a funded account, these prop firms offer multiple evaluation stages – including one-step and two-step evaluations. Plus, traders can choose between multiple funded account sizes – starting from $5K to $500K prop firm challenge account. Once funded, traders are eligible for up to 100% profit splits. Plus, if you achieve consistent profit targets, you can scale your funded account every three months. Prop firms in the UK also support multiple trading instruments – allowing traders to earn profits in different financial markets.

Ready to partner with a leading forex prop firm in the UK? Click here to get funded and start your trading journey.

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