Get A Cheap Funded Trading Account And Scale Up To $2M

Secure a cheap funded trading account and scale up to $2M. Even the cheapest, most affordable prop firm accounts offer the potential for huge gains. Earning significant profits with limited access to capital can be challenging. That’s where these accounts come into play – empowering retail traders to leverage low fees, fast payouts, and scaled capital up to $2M. As a beginner in forex yourself, a cheap trading program will help you establish a profitable, scalable prop firm career. Read on to learn about getting a cheap funded trading account that scales up to $2,000,000.

Join A Legit, Affordable Prop Firm

To get a scalable, cheap funded trading account – you first need to join an affordable prop firm. Keep in mind, the cheapest prop firms may not always be the best choice. In many cases, it’s worth paying extra for better performance, higher reliability, and superior trading conditions. Instead, join a cheap prop firm that is reliable, legit, well-reviewed, and affordable.

>> Inexpensive firms like Funding Traders have a lot to offer – including up to 100% profit splits, no time limits, and fast one-week payouts.

Certainly, join a legit & affordable prop firm to secure a cheap funded forex account.

Analyze Profit Splits & Commissions

Next, check the profit split requirements on your cheap funded trading account. The average profit share depends on the prop trading company you join – but it typically ranges from 50% to 80%. So if you make $20,000 in one month with an 80% profit split – you would keep $16,000 and the firm would retain $4,000.

>> Funding Traders is one of the only prop firms that lets you keep up to 100% of all your earnings. You can even request payouts within one week.

Surely, analyze profit splits and conditions to get the cheapest funded account for beginner retail traders.

Review Available Funding Amounts

Review the available funding amounts to secure a cheap prop firm trading account. Consider the levels of starting capital and scaling potential of different affordable trading accounts. To start, you may want to open a smaller funded account and gradually scale your way up – by meeting profit and performance targets. Or, you may want to choose a higher amount of funding when you first sign up – right before starting your challenge.

>> No matter your preference, FT offers 6+ levels of funding – ranging from $5K to $200K.

Indeed, review available funding levels to get a cheap forex trading account that scales up to $2M.  

Take A Challenge For $100

Now, you’re ready to complete the challenge for a cheap funded trading account. With Funding Traders, you can complete a one or two-step evaluation and scale your account for just $100. During this challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to elevate your forex trading skills and practice managing a high-capital account. Of course, this is an ideal time to practice risk control, measure estimated profit potential, and explore profitable markets.

The standard rules and conditions for our funding challenges are:

  • 10% Profit Target
  • Unlimited Trading Period
  • 1 Minimum Trading Day
  • 10% Max Account Balance Loss
  • 5% Maximum Daily Loss
  • 2% Max Loss Per Trade
  • News Trading And EA Allowed
  • Weekend Holding Allowed

Absolutely, complete a $100 trading challenge to secure a cheap forex funded account

Scale Your Account Every 2 Months

After passing a cheap funded trading account challenge, you are eligible for regular scaling. Funding Traders’ transparent, clear, and straightforward scaling plan provides a simple path to reach up to $2M. Of course, these plans incentivize you to maintain strong risk management protocols, consistent profitability, and strategic trading practices.

Our scaling options encourage continuous improvement – helping you feel rewarded, recognized, and challenged. Together, you and the prop firm are working towards advanced skills, higher profitability, and better performance. Here’s the rules of our $2M scaling plan:

  • Remain Profitable For Two Consecutive Months
  • Earn A Total 8% Profit
  • Qualify For 25% Account Increases Every 2 Months

Definitely, scale your cheap funded trading account every 2 months with FT.

Secure a cheap funded trading account that scales up to $2M. Start your trading journey with FT – an indutry-leading prop firm that empowers you to trade bigger and get paid faster. Getting a cheap funded account is straightforward – review the terms, choose your starting capital, and complete a challenge. Then, you’re eligible to engage with the dedicated Funding Trader community, and scale your account every two months. Ready to get funded? Click here to open a cheap funded trading account with FT today.

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